A complete custom website which directly generates leads and provides product details. It has helped to stay ahead in the market by providing competitive service and modern user experience for the customers.
IDLC Finance wanted to revamp their digital footprint with a modern look and take services online to increase efficiency and attract a new generation of customers. They also wanted to develop a lead management portal to manage interested applicants of their service.
We have built IDLC’s official website alongside two of their subsidiaries - IDLC Asset Management Limited and IDLC Venture Capital Limited. We also developed their flagship Online Services Portal (OSP) which is directly tagged with their core banking system (CBS). This product serves banking requirements without going to the bank and helps the customer with their statement, tax certificates and everything digitally.
First ever online services portal offered by any financial institution and 8% YOY growth on alternative channel lead generation. The site was visited by more than 40 million users with 30% growth on web traffic. It optimized physical operations focusing on the online services. It is branded as the most “digital” financial institution with increased brand visibility.

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