Sakrain Celebration - IDLC

What is sakrain? Why is this celebrated? Heritage and history openup our roots in front of our eyes. For a long period of time sakrain was celebreted in "Puran Dhaka" the hub of business of this city. But a lot of people didn't knew the reason. Sakrain comes from the word "Songkranti" which means end of a business year. In 1800s, people used to close their business in this period of time and collect all dues from various parties. Also the king/nawabs used to close tax collection of that year on this day. From their the celebration of "Sakrain" started. IDLC being the leading financial brand took this oppurtunity to bring the bangla financial year closing celebration again to its people. They invited all their valued clients to the event and showed them the history. This was also taken digital to interact with the new generation young people and take them back to the memory lane. From concept to execution, this full campaign was done by Singularity.