IDLC: Kickstart Case Study

Share market instability has been a major problem for many years. It is a major drawback in the investment scenario of Bangladesh. And one of the major reasons is lack of financial literacy. IDLC, one of the largest financial institutes, wanted to teach people share market investment basics in the time of Football World Cup riding the football madness. We conceptualized the fantasy football concept which is very popular with the young crowd in Bangladesh and taught them the basics of share market trading through the fantasy football game


  • To teach people share market investment basics
  • To lift the fear of investing in share market in a fun way
  • To promote Financial literacy and gain top of mind awareness when it comes to Investments
  • Ride the tide of Football madness and generate viral reach


  • 25 billion worth of buy & sell In just 40 days
  • IDLC Kickstart became #1 trending in google playstore on simulation game category within just 7 days of launching the game. It was also played by different users from the web application. It went viral and was downloaded more than 30 thousand time on the campaign period
  • 55,000 users in the campaign
  • 31.7 daily average use