Sr Account Manager (Senior Manager, Client Service)

Starting from building a robot for Google to design a digital campaign - the only agency in town having diversified in-house expertise with affordable cost - that's who we are. From a vision to get defined by the work, Singularity started its journey as a digital content development agency in 2012. Starting through the service offering of wide ranges of videos & animations, Singularity later expanded its footprint in the business automation market by offering integrated platform development solutions. Currently, we need someone with a strong portfolio for our business team we are looking for dynamic client service manager who can manage top of the line clients in the industry in terms of handling their business automation / digital marketing portfolio. The role requires undivided attention to details when it comes to design/delivery a particular product / campaign for the client

Job Description


Educational Requirements:
Experience Requirements:

Location : Baridhara DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh 
Working Days : 48 hours a week 
Facilities : Two Festival Bonus, Discounted lunch, Fully covered internet and mobile bills, T/A,Tour Allowances
Salary : 70000- 80000 BDT

If you are interested to join our company, please send us your CV to and we will arrange an interview with you. Please follow the below instructions while sending the email

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How we will hire

  • Based on email cover letter (yes that minimum 100 words paragraph you need to write in your email body) we will shortlist your resume.
  • Based on your resume, we will call you for a 20-30 minutes on-site interview
  • Based on your interview you'll be called for an on-site brainstorming -session where you'll be engaged from brief - debriefing, strategic plannings and budgeting. We ll observe your own ways of overcomimg bottlenecks & partnering skills and so on.
  • Based on your performance, we will hire you!




Deadline: 30 September 2018

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