Video Content

Ranging across all formats from corporate av to digital video commercial and animation series, we have a proven track record of designing the right video communication

Nova 2i Launching: HUAWEI

Corporate Website Launching: IDLC

Sakrain Celebration - IDLC

GP Shop : Animated Intro

Purnota Launching Animation : IDLC

The Largest Cement Factory : Amancem

The Milk Story : NIDO

Static Content

Static content creates a brand perspective on audience mindset. We explore and ask ourselves 'why' - before designing any static communication

Securities Banner: IDLC

Corporate Website Launching Press AD: IDLC

Experience Marketing

The future of marketing is all about interaction. We are the pioneer in deploying edge technologies like holographic projection, Oculus rift based experiences in real life

UNILEVER: Vaseline Women’s Cricket Team Interactive LED and Photo Booth

Fresh Tissue: MR.Bean Campaign

Large Holographic Display @ Softexpo

Pepsodent Germinator : Oculus Based Game